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Galia Lahav – Le Secret Royal
Part I

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” -Roald Dahl

To believe in love is the motto for the new Galia Lahav collection. You will find what you are looking for if you choose to see beyond your set boundaries. Le Secret Royal expresses deep love for couture through our extravagant silhouettes, floral design elements and glamorous shades of pink. Inspired by the royals, their essence and poise, Galia advanced her designs to something unfamiliar yet extraordinary.

The sophisticated floral arrangements along the body of the gowns are made to replicate the captivating sense of strolling through royal flower gardens. Through decorative design and rose color shades, petal details are evident through Galia’s creations. As the dresses are bountiful in silk tulle embroideries and chantilly lace, this is a collection for queens. With this collection Galia wants you to believe in love and you will find your magic. You are a Queen.


Le Secret Royal – Samantha left & Avena right

Le Secret Royal – Samantha left & Avena rightAvena_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – AvenaBella-front_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – BellaBella-back_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Bella backArabella_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Arabella Arabella_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_side_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Arabella backArabella-and-Daria_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Arabella sitting & Daria rightDaria_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Daria Daria-back2_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Daria backCorina2_web-1024x682

Le Secret Royal – CorinaCorina_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – CorinaCorina-back_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Corina backAlexandra-and-Corina_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Alexandra left & Corina rightAlexandra-back_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Alexandra backAlexandra_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal- Alexandra Lidya-and-Jacket_Galia-Lahav_Dion-for-Brides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal- Lidya with jacketLidya_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – LidyaLydia_with_Louise-veil_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal- Lidya back & veilVersion 2

Le Secret Royal – RihannaVersion 2

Le Secret Royal – RihannaTony_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides-front_web-1024x765

Le Secret Royal- TonyTony_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_back_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Tony backTony_LeSecretRoyal_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – TonyDesiree_GaliaLahav_DionforBrides_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – DesireeGuerlain_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – GuerlainGuerlain-back_web-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Guerlain backMs.-Elle_Le-Secret-Royal_Galia-Lahav_Dion-for-Brides_crop.web_-768x1024

Le Secret Royal – Ms ElleVersion 2

Le Secret Royal – Ms Elle backMs.-Elle-front_web-1024x790

Le Secret Royal – Ms Elle