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5 things our Alterations Team want our Brides to know

Getting ready to start the alterations process on your wedding dress? At Dion for Brides, we believe that having a dedicated Alterations Department to customise your Bridal Gown to any of your specifications and ensure a perfect fit is just as important as finding you the right gown. We are here to support you through the entire process, from your first fitting, to the moment you leave our showroom with your dream gown.

We spoke to our expert team of alterations managers, fitters, sewers, and beaders to find out everything you need to know before altering your wedding dress at Dion for Brides.

1. Alterations cannot start without your wedding shoes.

In order to get the right hem length and fit, you’ll need to bring along the shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day. Believe it or not, your choice of shoes affects the length of your dress and your posture. If you change your shoes during the fitting process, this will create more work for your seamstress and more fittings for you. 

2. Make sure to bring along any shape wear you’d like to wear on your wedding day.

If you’re planning on wearing shape wear under your wedding dress, make sure to bring it to your fitting appointments! And don’t forget a supportive bra or underwear that is most similar to what you plan to wear on the day. If you aren’t sure what type of shapewear works best, our alterations team can suggest a few types for you to purchase. Make sure you also have your hoop with you if you plan to wear one.

3. Fittings last an hour.

Be prepared to stand in your dress (and also your wedding shoes) for at least one hour while your dressmaker expertly pins and adjusts your dress to your specifications. You’ll also want to eat and hydrate before your appointment—we don’t want any fainting brides!

4. Your dress will arrive larger than expected.

When you said “yes!” to your wedding dress, your measurements were taken with two Bridal Stylists.  Three measurements are taken —your bust, waist, and hip— and these were matched this as closely as possible to the Designers size chart.  The gown ordered is always to your largest measurement. As you can imagine, this will make your dress large in a few places upon stepping in it for the first time! No need to worry, this is completely normal. Over the course of your fittings (typically 3), our alterations team will work to pin, sew, and fit your dress to your exact specifications.

5. Bring along a dedicated bustle helper.

At your second fitting, your dressmaker will discuss choosing the right bustle for your wedding dress. You’ll want to make sure to bring along a trusted friend or family member (think: your maid of honor, bridesmaid, bestie, or your mum) to learn how to bustle your wedding dress for you after your ceremony. 

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