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All About Alterations

How much can I expect to pay for Alterations?

Alterations costs are dependant on each Bride's special needs and requirements.  The majority of our alterations are between $400 and $1000 but of course there are always exceptions based on the work that is requested by each Bride.  

We know Alterations are a big part of your wedding gown experience and we consider it part of our expert service to be with you from the moment you choose your gown until the alterations are completed to make sure you are getting the look you are after.

Here are some of the most common questions.

What size will my gown be ordered?

We ALWAYS do our best to order your gown as close to your measurements and needing the least amount of alterations as possible.⁠ We go through this process at the time of purchase and show you where you are measuring in regards to the Designers sizing.  Together we identify the best size gown to order.  We make a recommendation about the size we believe is best for you to order and ultimately each Bride has the final decision in what size is ordered.

What about the length of my gown?

Gowns arrive with a standard length. Length is not increased or decreased with size. Whether or not you require a hem is up to your requirements, your preferences, your height, and the heel height of the shoe you choose to wear. Once these decisions are made, you will know whether you need a hem adjustment or not.⁠ Of course, we can help advise you during your appointment.

Do you have in house Alterations & Dressmakers?

Yes, we offer in house alterations and are one of the few Bridal Shops to do so.

We believe this is an essential and complete service to offer you, to ensure the gown you purchase and the vision you are after is followed through, from selection of your gown, to the moment you walk down the aisle. Our stylists are with you from start to finish.

Our seamstresses are all extremely experienced and have worked with all the designers in our store. You won't have to worry about your gown looking different from the one your purchased!

I've heard Alterations can be expensive?

Not necessarily but Alterations work like any other specialised service......the more you require to be done, the more it will cost.  This can also depend on the details of the gown you choose.

We have seen Brides that have required absolutely no alterations and we have seen Brides that request many changes.  

If alterations costs are a factor in your wedding budget, then please mention this to your stylist and they can best advise you during your appointments to find your dream gown.

When do I start getting my gown Alterations?

We advise to start alterations 2 months before your wedding (or 3 months if getting married in January or February to allow for the busy Christmas period).
This gives you and the Dressmakers reasonable time to do alterations as well as a little wiggle room in case you need an extra fitting appointment for any extra changes.

We recommend booking in your “try on” appointment once you have been advised that your gown has arrived.  Please note we offer try on appointments Monday to Friday 10am-5pm.  We also offer Try On appointments on Thursday evenings until 8pm.  Try on Appointments are not available on a Saturday.

From your try on appointment, you will then see how your dress is fitting you and your stylist can help advise if any alterations are required.  Please be aware that most Bride’s will require a hem length to be adjusted at a minimum, however it is not uncommon for a Bride to require absolutely no additional alterations.

Our Dressmakers are available for alteration/fitting appointments ONLY on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am-4pm.  Each fitting appointment lasts for 60 mins.

Whats the Difference between Designer Variations & Alterations?

Variations are not to be confused with Alterations.
If you require a sleeve, that is a variation. Want to change the neckline of your gown? That again is a variation. Variations are bigger changes & require more work and shouldn't be considered as part of your alterations budget.

What do I bring to my Alterations Appointment?

Your shoes, Your dress (if you have already collected it), your hoop petticoat (if you have one), any undergarments you plan on wearing on the day.

How many fittings appointments will I need?

Usually 2-3 fittings will be time enough time to complete the necessary alternations to your gown. This entirely depends on how much work you are requiring to be done to your gown.  

Anything else?

ALWAYS talk to your Dressmaker and our stylists during your appointment if you are worried about anything. We can work through options, solutions and any concerns far easier and more efficiently during your appointment and you can leave your appointment feeling assured.

Dressmakers can always suggest alternatives if you have any concerns and this is best done face-to-face.  

Quotations are always given at your first fitting and agreed to in writing before the Dressmaker proceeds with any work.