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Frequently Asked Questions..

-- Appointment Information --

Do I need an Appointment?

Yes. Please see our Appointment FAQ Menu for more information

Do you have any gowns for Hire?

No, we do not have any gowns for hire.  We only have Bridal & Evening Gowns that are for sale.  Please check out our clearance collections as we have evening gowns for sale from $49 and Bridal Gowns under $1000

What size gowns do you have in your collection?

Most of the sample gowns we have in store are from sized 6-14 (US Sizing).  We do have a selection of gowns up to a size 22.

We don’t carry every gown in every size or colour, however the majority of our collection can be ordered from a size 0 to a size 30.

It is common to try on a gown that is too big or too small and we have some great tools of the trade that can help you get an idea of what the gown will look like on you. Please trust us in the process and we can answer any of your questions along the way.

What size Evening gowns do you have in your collection?

Each Evening Wear Designer has independent size charts. We recommend emailing us for any sizing advice.

Most Designers will supply gowns in standard sizes 6-16.

We can recommend designers that carry sizes 18-30 and also sizes 2-4.

What size Wedding gowns do you have in your collection?

Most of our Gowns are in US Sizing. The fit to each gown can be different between gowns and between designers.

It is not necessary to try on your exact size when selecting your gown and our expert stylists will help guide you with this during your appointment.

Once you have selected your gown, the sizing will be recommended based on your measurements taken at the time of purchase and in consultation with each client.

Am I able to photograph myself in the gowns while I try them on?

It is our policy to not allow photos until you have purchased your gown.  We very much appreciate you respecting and adhering to this policy, just as we would respect the policies you have in your workplace.  

Our gowns are all photographed on our website for you  to refer back to, which showcase all the elements (lighting, fit, design) of the gown in the best way.

In our experience, in store photographs taken on phones do not capture the fabric, the details, the light, the movement and most importantly, the feeling when you are in the gown. 

Most importantly, sizing and fit is often not perfect as you try sample gowns and then after you leave the photographs are scrutinised until you often are feeling more unsure. Our aim is to have you not become more confused after your appointment because of the photos and we want you to remember how you felt.  It is the feeling that will help you know when you have found a gown you love.

Once you have made your decision and purchased your Gown, you are most welcome to take pictures if you want them.

What about Facetime?  I have some people that can't be with me and I'd love them to be involved.

We ABSOLUTELY understand!  We would love to have you Facetime your loved ones and have them involved in your appointment and we work with you to do so wherever possible.  However we request that you keep the following in mind:

- We recommend only Face-timing the favourites.  In our experience an appointment that is conducted over Facetime usually becomes about the person/people not present and you don't give yourself the chance to have a moment to think about what you think or feel about the gowns you are trying

-Facetime is on speaker.  It is loud.  It can become quite overwhelming for any appointments around you - especially while conversations continue with your guests while you are getting changed.  Please be respectful of the other Bride's in the showroom during your appointment if you are using Facetime.

I need to look at some accessories such a veil, shoes or headpiece. When should I order this?

You have the opportunity to try on some accessories with your dresses during your appointment. Some Brides only focus on the dress, and some try on accessories only after they have selected their favourite gown.

It is always important to discuss all your options with your consultant at the time of purchasing your gown and we can help show you some different options. Please keep in mind that some veils have a 4 month delivery

Purchasing your accessories at the time of your gown purchase also allows you to take advantage of our 5 month lay-by terms.

Can I purchase everything in one appointment?

Absolutely! Many Brides find their dress on their first appointment, and many are happy to select all of their accessories at the same time as they have tried everything on together to see the complete look.

You are more than welcome to revisit the store at a later date to choose, but again it is important to discuss what your preferences are so lead times for orders can be discussed with you.

Which Designers are available at Dion for Brides?

Galia Lahav, Vera Wang Bride, GALA by Galia Lahav, Enzoani, Demetrios, Demetrios Platinum, Badgley Mischka, Maggie Sottero, Sottero & Midgley, Kenneth Winston, Willowby by Watters, Watters, WTOO, Elyseé and Hervé Paris.

Most of these Designers are exclusive to Dion for Brides in Western Australia.

Do I need to make an appointment to look at accessories?


During your appointment you will only be able to try on accessories and not retry your bridal gown.

If you want to try on any accessories with your Dion for Bridal Gown then you will be able to do this at your try-on appointment when your gown arrives.

Only Dion for Brides Gowns can be tried on in our store and we do appreciate you respecting this policy. 

Are we able to enjoy a glass of Champagne at our fitting?

We do not serve Champagne at our fittings, and we request that no food or drink (including Take-away coffees) to be consumed in our showroom. 

This is to ensure there is no accidental damage to gowns due to spillage, or damage to our carpet.  We very much appreciate your understanding and respect regarding this policy.  

If this is an experience you would like to enjoy, we would suggest booking our Private Experience Appointment. Details can be found here:


-- Making my Purchase --

Please see our "Ordering a Gown" option in our FAQ for more information about ordering your gown.


-- Shipping --

Can I have my gown shipped to me if I’m not in Perth or live overseas?

Of course! We are happy to ship the gown anywhere in Australia. Shipping costs will apply.

If you require international shipping, this can be arranged through DHL Express International courier service.  Shipping charges do apply and will need to be quoted and accepted before shipping.  Currently, delivery times do vary for International Shipping.

Please note that Dion for Brides will not be liable for duties and taxes incurred by the recipient as a result of national custom laws. Should the garment be returned to Dion for Brides, only the paid purchase price of the garment will be refunded. Please contact your customs department for more information on duties and taxes.

PLEASE ALLOW ENOUGH TIME TO HAVE YOUR GOWN SHIPPED.  Dion for Brides will not be held responsible or be liable for any refunds or compensation for gowns that experience any delays in shipments experienced by third party shipping companies.  

What is your shipping Policy

Please read our Shipping Policy here

Do you offer free Shipping?

At this time, we do not offer free shipping.

How is the gown shipped to me?

Your gown will be shipped out using standard registered shipping. Shipping time could vary depending on destination. You will receive a shipping notification once shipment has been dispatched. If express shipping is required, please contact our customer service first before committing to the purchase online. If you would like your parcel to be insured, please contact our customer service team for a quote. Please note this is an additional cost depending on the value of the purchase.

Is the shipping of my gown affected by current logistical challenges?

Yes it is possible there will be a delay of shipping locally and internationally due to the logistics and supply challenges we are all facing. All estimations for shipping are estimations only and all customers should wherever possible allow extra time for shipping and this is why we now recommend locking in your gown 12 months before your wedding date.

If you require urgent shipping with a guaranteed delivery date, please feel free to contact our customer service to get a more accurate delivery time frame for your location or request courier express shipping.  Please note that we always are transparent with our customers in regards to shipping times and can only pass on what we have been confirmed by the Designer.  If this information changes from what was initially confirmed, we will always advise you.

WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL CUSTOMERS TO ALLOW EXCESS TIME TO HAVE YOUR GOWN SHIPPED.  Dion for Brides will not be held responsible or be liable for any refunds or compensation for gowns that experience any delays in shipments experienced by third party shipping companies.  

Can I insure my gown for shipping?  

Standard shipping is registered and trackable, but not insured.

If you would like to have added peace of mind by insuring your gown during shipping, please contact our customer service via


-- Sample Gown / Floor Stock FAQs --

What if I change my mind?

All ex-display sample and sales stock purchases are final. Dion for Brides does not accept exchanges or refunds. We encourage customers to carefully read the product description before purchasing which details condition of gown.  Customer asserts that they are satisfied with the condition of the item by paying for the item at the time of purchase.

Do I need alterations to my sample gown?

Most brides will need some alterations and fittings to achieve the best fit. It is a separate service that is not included in the gown purchase. We recommend our Dressmakers for any alteration service as we can vouch for their workmanship.  

As this is a sample gown that has been tried on, it might need a little TLC before it is perfect for your wedding day. There may be some minor wear and tear signs that the dressmaker can mend. This is not included in the price of purchase.  Our Dressmakers can provide specific quotations to have your gown attended to, repaired, re-beaded or altered.

Can I order extra fabric or material for the alterations?

We understand you might need some fabric, lace, buttons etc for touching up your gown and/or for alteration and fitting. If you require any additional materials we might be able to purchase these materials from the designer on your behalf. However this depends on the style and stock availability and it is not guaranteed. Please contact our customer service via with any requests or for more information.

How do I know if I'm selecting the right size?

During your Bridal Appointment, we offer advice regarding fit and sizing at the time of purchase.

If you are purchasing a sample gown online you are able to follow the following information to ensure you are measuring yourself correctly and we can advise you of sizing for your online purchase from the measurements you provide us.

Please measure yourself and cross check with the size listed online. If you need some guidance, please send your measurements to our customer service via

Below is little guideline of how to take your measurements.

  • Bust - circumference across the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape is straight across.
  • Waist – circumference across your waist. Waist can be found when you bend to the side, where your hand sits.
  • Hips – circumference across the fullest part of your hip.

What if I am in between sizes?

It’s always best to take the biggest size where there is one available. However don’t panic if your measurements are not exactly to size. The gown generally has seam allowances to be able to let out and give you extra room. For assistance, please send your measurements to our customer service via and we can best advise you.

Do I need to dry clean a stock/sample gown I have purchased  before wear?

Although this gown has not left our store, it has been tried on by our customers. Depending on condition of the gown whether it has recently been dry-cleaned, generally we do recommend dry cleaning it before wear, but of course this is a personal preference. For dry cleaning bridal gowns, please go to a professional dry cleaner that specialises in handling delicate wedding dresses.  



-- Other Information --

I have heard about your Trunk shows. What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is an exclusive special in-store event, where you can preview and buy from a designer’s latest collection months before they hit the stores. It is a term that was derived from the gowns being sent from the designer’s in traditional “trunk” suitcases.

It is also an opportunity to view a Designers complete collection which includes many more gowns than would normally be available in store.

If you find the dress of your dreams at a trunk show, be prepared to make a decision on that day, as the gown will not be in the store once the trunk show is over and it will not be available to retry. In some instances we can ship in a gown again for a retry appointment but shipping costs will apply.

Due to the expense of import and custom charges, international shipping and insurance, our Galia Lahav Couture gowns cannot be sent to us individually. We therefore encourage you to retry your favourites during the trunk show dates.

My wedding is soon. I need a gown now. Can you help?

We can absolutely help you.

If you don’t have the time to wait for our standard order gowns and an express order is not a possibility, you can purchase a stock/sample gown off the rack from the selected gowns available in store.

You will not have the opportunity to choose from every gown, but we do our best to always have a large selection of gowns that are available for immediate purchase.

Please discuss with our Consultants and they will be able to help you with all the options available.

I have heard about "express" delivery options. What is an express order?

All our our designers give us the opportunity to prioritise your order and we can get the gown quicker than a standard delivery time. If your wedding date is sooner than the time we typically need for order and delivery, we will need to consult with the designer and place an “express” order. All express options carry an additional fee.

In this instance, your gown may arrive 1-3 weeks before your wedding and details will be outlined in your contract at the time of purchase.

What is your return policy?

If your item has been ordered in specifically for you as a custom order, we are unable to offer refunds of exchanges. Please refer to our Returns, Refunds & Exchanges Policy here.

Final Sale Items, Clearance Sale Items and Sample Gowns are sold on an as is basis and all purchases are final.

We do not offer refunds for change of mind, incorrect size selection or wrong decisions.