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Bridal Shopping Mythbusters

If you are a fan of "Say Yes to the Dress", then you’re no stranger to the unexplainable magic involved in choosing your wedding gown.  With the popularity of reality wedding shows there is always a huge amount of expectation about how Wedding Gown shopping should be and this can often lead to some misconceptions about your experience.

We often hear that Wedding Gown shopping and finding "the one", wasn't how our Bride's expected it to be.  We have rounded up our top Wedding Gown Shopping myths so you can get the scoop on what it’s really like shopping for your dream wedding dress with Dion for Brides.



Myth: Appointments are booked out weeks in advance.

Fact: While it is possible to for brides book their bridal appointment weeks or months in advance (especially if they’re traveling from far away), there’s always the chance of booking an appointment the same week or same day at Dion for Brides. While we always recommend booking an appointment in advance if you plan to shop on the weekend to avoid disappointment, there’s usually appointments available during the week to come and find your dream wedding dress!

Insider tip: besides being able to snag a last-minute appointment, shopping during the week tends to be a more quiet and intimate experience as there are fewer appointments in the showroom and you’ll sometimes get the chance to shop with the showroom almost to yourself.


Myth: Everyone experiences “that” moment.

Fact: While many brides experience that “ah-ha!” moment when they say “yes!” to their dream wedding dress, many do not, and that’s perfectly fine! “Not all brides cry when they find the perfect dress,” says consultant Rosie. Whether they cry and jump for joy, or have a quiet moment feeling at peace because they can finally stop their search, each bride’s reaction is unique to them. At the end of the day, says Rosie, ” all that matters is being able to imagine yourself getting married in it and the gown makes you feel amazing."


Myth: There are slim pickings for plus-size brides.

Fact: Dion for Brides has a selection of plus-size wedding dresses.  With over 20 styles to try on in store in a bridal size 16-22, and hundreds of styles available to order in sizes 2-32, you will have plenty of choice and expert guidance to help you find a gown that will suit your body shape and make you feel incredible.


Myth: The most affordable wedding dress at Dion for Brides is well over $3000.

Fact: No matter your budget, there’s a style for every bride here at Dion for Brides While the majority of our wedding gowns are priced between $3000-$6000, we do have a selection of stunning styles available under $3000.  We also have over one hundred gowns being sold as samples and available off the rack with many offering affordable options between $600-$2000.  There are also other ways to save Dion for Brides — you can shop during a Trunk Show where often special discounts for orders during the Trunk Show apply or and attending our Annual sample sales where gowns are discounted for the Sample Sale only and purchased are made on a first in first served basis (follow us on Instagram and sign up for our emails via our website to stay up-to-date with the latest news and any sale events)!

Insider tip: Be very honest with your consultant about your preferred price point with your Bridal Stylist, we love to make sure we find something that works with your ideal spend.  


Myth: I have plenty of time to order my dress.

Fact: While you might see brides shopping even two weeks prior to their wedding date on popular reality shows, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, our expert team ideally recommend shopping 9-12 months before your wedding date to ensure the most stress free experience for our Brides.  Not only does this to account for ample time to order your gown, but it also gives you the most choice across all Bridal Designers and is the most inexpensive way to shop for your gown (Express Shipping or Manufacture will not be necessary). Don't forget our timeline accounts for the fabric to be sourced, your dress to be made and then shipped to Dion for Brides, and then altered over the course of 8-12 weeks before your wedding date. This way your dress can be altered to your exact specifications and requests and you can look and feel your very best on your wedding day.

Still need to find a dress in a hurry? We also understand that not everyone has the luxury of planning their wedding gown in a 9-12 month timeframe.  Don't worry we do carry a selection of dresses off the rack, or gowns that can be ordered with Express Manufacture and Delivery options —including gently loved samples - so there is a chance you could not only find your dream gown quickly but you may be even able to take your dream wedding dress home on the same day.


Myth: You need to shop around.

Fact: While it is important to take your time, and make an informed decision that you are confident with when finding your gown, we live in a world where we are exhausted by choice and sometimes that isn't very helpful.  Actually it can make the process more exhausting and stressful.  When you find a gown you absolutely love, and think it could be the one, it is very common to not be ready to make that final decision and say "yes to the dress".  

Maybe you love trying on different gowns and you don't want the process to end, or maybe you have trouble making decisions and you don't want to potentially miss out on something else, or maybe you want to listen to everyone who says, you "just need to think about it".  While these scenarios are all understandable, you shouldn't get to a point where you're trying on too many looks.

'The Big White Blur' is what we call it when brides have tried on too many gowns and visited too many boutiques.  Experience shows us that after about 15 gowns, brides will notice that the dresses start to blend together, and it becomes difficult to remember details of each one, ultimately it makes working out what suits you even more difficult.
If you don't want to stop looking, we suggest that you take note of the specific details you don't like, so that you're able to avoid trying on similar looks that you have already decided against.  Trying on the things you already know you don't want will only make you more confused and more tired!  Ultimately, though research shows that brides most often find their gown in under three bridal appointments.
Insider tip: Dion for Brides offers all our clients 2 complimentary standard appointments booked Monday - Saturday so that you always have the opportunity to revisit any favourites and you have some time to think about your favourite gowns in between appointments.



The world of weddings is often shrouded in myths and misconceptions. From the idea that you must cry when you find "the one" perfect dress to the notion that all gowns can be purchased immediately in the size and colour you need, we hope to have unravelled the mystery around Bridal Gown shopping and what you can expect when you book an appointment at Dion for Brides. We hope to make your experience at Dion for Brides, an incredible and special one, where you can enjoy the search for your dream gown with your loved ones and feel confident when you do find your dream gown, whatever the feeling you have.


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