Kellie Wilkins – Dion for Brides

Kellie Wilkins

Ash & I met in 2009, began dating and got engaged in 2013. Once were engaged, my biggest fear was ‘the dress’! I am not a dress person and have no confidence when it comes to looking good so was quite scared at the prospect of hunting for ‘the dress’. Shortly after we got engaged I was also advised that I would require to have major hip surgery which would see me unable to walk for 8 weeks and require to learn to walk all over again. This surgery was booked only 10 months before our wedding.

We booked into Dion for Brides earlier than originally planned (Nov 13) due to the upcoming surgery and although it was the 3rd store I went to, I immediately felt much calmer and much more at ease at picking a gown than I had at the other places.

My sister chose this gown and it was the 4th one I tried on. Immediately when I stepped out of the change room, the entire room (which had 40+ people in it) went silent! This was quite unnerving, until I stood on the little platform and looked at myself in the dress. Absolutely unbelievable. Fitted like a glove and was just stunning. The dress was ordered and arrived only 5 months after ordering (I have heard of other stores being an 11 month wait!)

I was still under going major physio routines to ensure I could walk down the aisle when I tried my dress on when it arrived, so was a little wobbly when standing on the small platform. The staff were wonderful though and helped me up and walk around which for me was actually quite difficult.

We got married on the 17th October 2014, at the majestic Wise Winery in Eagle Bay surrounded by 80 of our closest family & friends. To say the day was spectacular is an understatement.

I have never been a person to feel beautiful or gorgeous – see myself more as a ‘plain jane’ person, however on my wedding day – I felt beautiful. To put on my gown and have my bridal party speechless and my dad with tears in his eyes was just the best feeling ever.

As I walked down the aisle, I don’t remember seeing anyone other than Ash – however I do remember someone in the crowd saying out loud ‘wow, isn’t she stunning’. That comment is something that I hold very dear and will cherish for a long time. I truly felt beautiful and it shows in my smile and my eyes.

I truly cannot thank the staff at Dion for Brides enough as they not only helped me with the stunning dress, but also helped me get over my ‘plain jane’ fear, helped me to walk and move in the dress when I was unable, they created a calm atmosphere in the store whilst other stores were frantic and stressful and they gave me the confidence that I needed for the big day. The staff were an absolute pleasure to deal with and I would without a doubt recommend them to anyone looking for a dress – whether you know what you are looking for or not!