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Nikita & Chris

Chris and Nikita first met back in early July 2017. Upon arriving at a charity event Chris was welcomed and directed to his seat for the evening by Nikita. Not too long later though Chris found his way back to Nikita as there was a spare seat beside her at the welcoming desk. After three hours of deep conversation both Chris and Nikita departed ways for the evening having left a big impact on one another. Three months later after Chris had returned from a trip to Ireland he made the decision to pursue this beautiful Indian girl who he had met a few months earlier. At the end of October Chris and Nikita had their first date which was a double date with a couple of friends. They soon realized that they couldn't be more different. Yet their love story is a cliché in how opposites attract! Through many more dates in the months after Chris and Nikita soon became best friends and fell deeply in love with each other. Just over a year since they first met, on the 17th of July 2018 Chris dropped a knee at the bottom of his garden on the day of his 30th birthday. The most amazing and memorable gift was that the love of his life said YES after recovering from the shock and surprise. Chris and Nikita got engaged on a beautiful sunny day with the wild flowers on full display at the bottom of Chris's parents garden in Ireland. The next stage of their relationship commenced in Goa where they got married in January 2019. Friends & family from all around the world travelled to Goa to be a part of their story by joining in on the exciting celebration of two different cultures and two very different people joined together to become one. Goa has been a place where Nikita desired to get married long before meeting Chris. Whereas Chris simply wanted to get married on a beach in his bare feet and the location was not as big an issue. After getting engaged Nikita's parents visited Goa to check out various locations. Upon visiting Cidade De Goa they were very impressed and eventually convinced Nikita and Chris that this would be the best location for our wedding. We are so happy that we did choose Cidade De Goa as it turned out to be the most amazing venue. It was the perfect combination of a private beach with large sprawling gardens with the most amazing trees! The food was outstanding and impressed all the visitors as did the facilities and rooms.
  • Wedding Planners – Vogue Luxury Weddings – Goa & Taarini Wedding Planners – 3rd engagement party in Bangalore
  • Make Up Artist – Minette Periora in Goa & Vejeetha Anand for our 3rd engagement party in Bangalore
  • Bridesmaids Makeup Artist - Sakshi Singhal
  • Photographer from Australia Joshua Fernandes – Goa & Pixophlic Studios – Bangalore
  • Videographer from USA Taylor Brant – Goa & another one recommended by Vogue & & Pixophlic Studios – Bangalore
  • Agenda Designers – Vistaprint
  • Invitation Designer – Some business from Bangalore
  • Veil Designer & customisation -Dion for Brides LookSmart Alterations
  • Cake Artist - Mog. cake studio + all things good
  • Chefs - @Cidade de Goa & @Bay15 for flaring us & our guests with wide range of cuisines
  • Irish Musicians & Indian DJs - our wedding will be most remembered because of their outstanding music & getting us all on the dance floor even in the midst of 100% goan humidity