Peri & Craig – Dion for Brides

Peri & Craig


Elopement Package:- Laura @

Suits :-


Photographer:- Fredrik Larsson from


Makeup:- Myself



"Larkes on Mount Larkins”

My future husband to be, Craig and I decided after both being married before that we didn't want a big extravagant wedding so we set our date and locked in an elopement package in New Zealand. We both had a best friend each that we couldn't tie the knot without so we asked them and their partners to join us on a two week trip around our holiday destination. On the 8th of September, 2023 we were flown up to the top of Mount Larkins near Queenstown (couldn't resist this spot when we saw the name) in helicopters and had our ceremony on the most amazing day with a spectacular view you can't even put into words. We were surrounded by a few of our favourite people and an extraordinary team of people that helped our day be the best we could ever have hoped for. "