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Dion Profile Series: Featuring Moira Hughes

For our inaugural Dion For Brides Profile Series, we sat down with celebrated Australian Couture Wedding Designer Moira Hughes to talk all things gowns, 2022 trends and more.

What is the philosophy behind Moira Hughes Couture?

My design philosophy is ‘understated elegance.’ Elegance that is both timeless and modern. When you take away all the fuss, the fabrics and the fit are iconically Moira Hughes Couture

Describe the aesthetic of the Moira Hughes brand, the fabric and the details.

The Moira Hughes brand has become famous for its form fitting structure and feminine shape! It was a silhouette we developed over 9 years ago and we have perfected the pattern to lift and hug in all the right areas. Our new translucent bodices, created with a unique Parisienne technique, keeps the waist cinched and the bust supported. Combining this with the most luxurious fabrics ensure our gowns look, and more importantly feel, incredible.

What are you loving at the moment in fashion?

This is the best time in bridal fashion! The last two years have thrown out all the traditional rules for the wedding day and more than ever brides are free to add their own twist and personality into their gowns. I am designing versatile elements, a removable skirt, our signature bow, interchangeable sleeves and straps. It is such an inspiring time to collaborate with brides, achieving a look better than they could have imagined.

What is the goal for the brand over the next five years?

The Moira Hughes brand has grown organically over the last 9 years. We have had the incredible experience of designing for brides all over the world, showing at New York Bridal week and having our gowns stocked at the best bridal boutiques (like Dion for Brides!). Recently, our bridesmaid and event dresses were picked up by The Iconic and have sold out three times. Our jewellery range has just been released which is very exciting! I love being a boutique Australian bridal brand, known for quality and experience. Our goal for the next five years is to continue creating unforgettable gowns for the very best brides.

When designing your gowns, where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration comes from so many unexpected directions. Seeing a bride look a certain way can spark a new design, finding the perfect new fabric, draping material on a mannequin. The hard part is choosing which design continues into the latest collection. Each gown is like a piece of art that evolves around the individual style of the bride.

Your fabrics are exceptionally beautiful. Where do your source the fabrics from, and has covid impacted this at all?

Thank you! I started the Moira Hughes Couture brand with a vision to bring understated elegance to Australian couture. Having worked in Europe for so long I had access to some incredible silk and lace mills that don’t usually reach Australia. Fortunately we have a long standing relationship with these suppliers and had the foresight to order extra materials at the beginning of the pandemic. This has not only ensured we can keep all our brides timelines but it also means we were able to help many brides who needed a gown with little notice.

What piece of advice would you give to a bride when considering her gown?

Enjoy the experience! Research a few boutiques that have a style you love and great reviews to match. Trust the experts to guide you into a gown that could be better than you could even imagine. You should feel confident, beautiful, and most importantly, the best version of ‘you.’

What do you think the secret is to a woman looking great on her wedding day?

Having a great time. When you feel amazing, it shines through and that smile is infectious! Finding a dress that makes you feel incredible shows in every picture, every dance and every moment. It is these moment that will stay in your memory forever.

Describe the Moira Hughes bride in three words?

Elegant, Understated and Fun!

What can we expect to see from Moira Hughes in 2022?

I hope a trip to Western Australia! We are currently working on our new collection, featuring some modern twists on our classic designs. Interchangeable straps, sleeves and skirts allow brides to adjust designs to suit their personality or go from day to night. This could be our best collection yet!