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Top Tips For Buying A Wedding Dress Off The Rack

Are you a 2023 bride still in need of a gown? 

We know that plans change, dates move and sometimes you just don't have as much time...... Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Well stress no further! As we have the solution for you.

What Is Off The Rack?

An off-the-rack wedding gown means it is available for immediate purchase, otherwise known as off-the-rack. In other words, a dress without the delay... or the drama! The standard process for ordering a wedding dress can be longer than a cathedral veil (Up to 12 months!) and for many brides, that is simply not an option.

Here are our TOP TIPS for buying a wedding dress Off-The-Rack

Work With A Bridal Consultant

Purchasing a gown off the rack may mean a difference in selection, but it certainly does not mean a difference in service! Great bridal stylists not only advocate for their brides, they empower, educate, and encourage them; giving their clients the confidence that allows them to feel beautiful inside and out. Dion For Brides prides itself on offering Perth's most experienced bridal consultants who will assist you to find your dream gown directly off-the-rack.

Allow Time For Alterations

Whether it is hemming the gown for your shoes, taking in the waistline or bodice, or adding in cups on the bust, alterations is an important part of the process. Brides who buy off the rack will still require alterations, to ensure the dress fits perfectly. Whatever it is, make sure you give yourself enough time for these before the big day. We would recommend 6-8 weeks for alterations just to be safe, and stress-free! 

Keep an Open Mind

It is really imporatnt to keep an open mind! If you have saved wedding dress pictures on instagram, don't limit yourself to a set style or design. You never know until you try it! And If you find a flaw, don't write the dress off completely (queue the seamstress!) Dion For Brides will not sell anything that cannot be repaired. 

If You Love It, Buy It!

Let's be honest - You don't have days and weeks to make a decision, so be confident to pull the trigger and say yes to the dress. It can be over-whelming with all the choices, styles and opinions of others. So blot out the noise and follow your gut instinct. And remember - once you’ve taken the plunge, don’t look back!

Stay Positive!

Our most important tip, is to keep a positive mindset! Planning a wedding can be stressful at the best of times, so the last-minute wedding dress purchase can feel twice as stressful! Remember, this is supposed to be one of the most memorable and cherished experiences of your life. So stay positive, trust the process and allow yourself to find the dress of your dreams!

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